There is something about going into a coffee place that I shall call the coffee experience. Each shop is different. It’s how you feel when you get there, order your drink and either leave or stay depending on the place. Let me give you some examples of places I went to on a visit to Colorado Springs recently.

Ever been to a Seattle’s Best Coffee® cafe? There is one in Colorado Springs that I stumbled on to recently. It was inside of Borders Books in the south part of Colorado Springs. Overstuffed chairs, small tables with straight backed chair, two or three of each at each table. People sipping a specialty espresso coffee, while reading a book in one of those over stuffed chairs, or flipping through a magazine, or sitting with friends at a small table. It was a come and stay for a while kind of place.

Right across the way is Starbucks. It was a totally different kind of place and the experience was different too. Starbucks had small tables and chairs like the Seattle’s Best Coffee® place but it wasn’t as warm and cozy as Seattle’s Best Coffee®. Starbucks was more of a come and go kind of place. I think there would have been more people sitting around but the chairs were scarce and there was not a lot of room to sit and enjoy a cup of specialty espresso or just a cup of joe.

Then there are places where you do not even sit down. Come in, call your coffee order, pick it up at the other end of the counter and leave. Presumably to go back to wherever you were before you came in the door and drink your coffee someplace else.

There are also places where you drive up and get your coffee or espresso coffee brew and drive off. They are becomming more and more common. I saw one at 1801 North Union, again in Colorado Springs. It was a small shack sitting in the middle of the parking lot of the shopping center there. The building, which I am guessing was the anchor store at one time, was empty and the coffee shack looked kind of funny sitting out there in the middle of the empty parking lot all by itself. I would say that the structure was about 4′ by 8′, if it was that big. Clearly there was no bathroom facilities, for the employee, and I wondered about how the water was supplied to the structure, to make the coffee.

All of these places are different; offer different experiences and attract different people for different reasons. But this phenomenom is not limited to coffee. It occurs in every industry around the globe. So why mention it? Because as a coffee drinker, the first place you go to might not be “your place”. Check out what your town has to offer. Your place might be the shack in the middle of the parking of that old, empty building, on the edge of town. Check them all out and see what appeals to you.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment. I will answer you back. I hope you are enjoying a nice brew of coffee. Java Girl