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Gourmet Roasted Coffee Beans

Posted by Java Girl on 01 May 2009 | Filed under: Coffee

The key to getting a good cup from gourmet roasted coffee beans is to ensure that the skin of the coffee bean is unbroken. When the skin is broken, your end result is unknown and all bets are off. Oils underneath the skin and inside the bean will deteriorate unless frozen, in which case the […]

Getting Started with Specialty Coffee

Posted by Java Girl on 09 Apr 2009 | Filed under: Making Coffee

Everyone has to start someplace. You don’t however, have to start at the top of the coffee / coffee maker / coffee grinder list. My advice would be to start out by visiting some of your local coffee shops. Let’s say you lived in Salida, Colorado. If you do, you are very lucky. Not because there […]