I got my start drinking coffee milk at my grandma’s house and moved up from  there. My grandma lived in Rhode Island and every summer I would go to her house for the whole summer. She used to buy Hood’s milk and when she took me to the store with her she would always ask me what kind of milk I wanted. They had white, chocolate and coffee.

My grandpa always drank coffee in the morning and the first time she took me, I said I wanted “Coffee milk.” Mom probably would have had a fit if she knew, but grandma said for me not to tell her or grandpa or she would get in trouble. I never said a word.

Lots later, after grandpa died, I still had the coffee milk habit and one morning grandma asked me if I wanted a little coffee with my coffee milk. So it went. When I went for a visit to see my grandma for one of the last times before she died, she still asked me, “How do you like your milk?” It was our little secret and it wasn’t until she was gone for a few years that my Mom asked me why gramdma always asked me about my milk. I told her it was our secret.